Can We Afford To Build?

The answer is YES.  Our parish has the capacity to raise the needed funds from our members.  Though we hope this is not the case, should we fall short of raising the entire amount needed, St. Sophia will be able to borrow up to $1 million.


How Long Will It Take To Build?

The project time for construction is 9 – 10 months.


Was It Best To Build All At Once?

YES.  It will minimize the impact on the ongoing programs and activities of the Parish and result in an overall lower cost by completing the project all at once.


Where Will We Hold Church Services, Sunday School, Greek School and Other Gatherings?

The St. Sophia Community Hall will be used for these purposes.  A portion of the hall will be set up with the Solea and pews to hold services.  The other portion of the hall will be set up for use as classrooms.  Additional items from the church and classrooms will be placed in a specified area or in a trailer for storage on premises.


How Are We Planning To Pay For It?

Construction and Capital Campaign costs will be met through the commitment and generosity of our parishioners.  Our fundraising is under way, and our Capital Campaign efforts will continue to raise funds needed for the completion of the project.  Around 225 of the nearly 300 St. Sophia families have already made a commitment to “Building Together” for over $5.5 million!  This leaves a remaining balance of $1 Million that we will borrow to supplement any potential difference between project cost and fundraising. 


How Can I Contribute?

You will be contacted by, or you can contact, a member of the capital Campaign Committee, to set up a meeting.  At that time, information concerning “Building Together” will be provided, and your questions will be answered.  Then you can make your pledge.  It is a commitment we all share.  Together we can build this new facility!


There are several options available to make  our financial contribution.  Gifts can be immediate, paid within 3 years, paid monthly or quarterly as suits your situation. The earlier our payment, the less we would have to borrow to meet cash flow. In addition to cash contributions, gifts of stocks, bonds, other securities, and/or real estate, etc., are encouraged.